Getting Around

London is a restless city, pound the pavements, travel on the tube, cycle and explore. Soak up every drop of culture, the options are endless. Navigate London with ease, familiarise yourself with the London Underground, and learn how to use an Oyster Card.

The Tube

The best way to get around London is using ‘the tube’ (London Underground). Trains run from 5.30am to 12.30am (7am to 11.30pm Sunday). Some lines also run at night on Friday and Saturdays
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Oyster Card

The cheapest way to use the Tube and all forms of London transport is the Oyster card. These chargeable smart cards can be purchased (£5 refundable deposit) at any Underground station; we suggest £20 is a good start.

Once the Oyster card is in your hand, simply touch your card on the reader upon entry and exit from a station. Credit is deducted as you go. Before leaving London, you can get your deposit and remaining credit back at a ticket booth. Credit Cards can be used on the tube and buses. Take advantage of the £1.50 hopper fare on the buses to change buses within an hour to complete your journey.

Using the Tube

The Tube is a collection of 11 colour-coded lines which run from one side of the city to the other; all run through the centre of the city. London is divided into nine concentric fare zones.

There are regular line closures on weekends when upgrade work is carried out; alternate routes are posted at stations.

Great Views

Buses normally operate between 5am and 11.30pm but there are many night and 24-hour buses. Oyster cards can be used on all bus routes; journeys cost a flat fare of £1.30. A little slow-going.

For great views along the river take the River Bus, Uber Boat by Thames Clippers –


Black cabs can be hailed on the street when the yellow light is lit. Fares are metered, with flag fall of £2.20 for first 336m, then 20p for each subsequent for 168m. Slow during peak time, and costly.

See Sights Up Close

A lot of central sightseeing is best done on foot. Exposed to the elements.

London Hack

Look at a map of London or the London Tube map to get your bearings. Buy an Oyster Card and make your travel on the London Underground (or London Tube) and other London transport easy and affordable. Driving into London? Don’t forget to read up about congestion charges in Central London.

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